Tips To Increase YouTube Subscribers | Youtube Production Tips

These are the best tips to increase youtube subscribers which are very useful for a YouTuber for their channel growth.


Youtube ( has been the king of the genre since the start of time. With tonnes of content and viewers, before we knew it, making youtube content got localized. It doesn’t have to be subject professionals for even the common person to start a Youtube ( Channel. All of which makes survival very difficult. Only the crème de la crème get the viewers, fortune, support and get to see their viewers grow. But being one of the tops is by no means defined by fancy equipment and novel items; when Indian village grandmas make it big on YouTube (, we get to see that anybody can be a Youtuber if they have content that the people love.

This guide has been broken down into 3 steps going by the chronology. Without any further delay, let’s get the tips that help to increase Youtube subscribers (

1) Pre-production setup: Planning is crucial. Do not impromptu it. Videos under around 2 minutes long have shown to get more preference by YouTube (, it’s also how long a viewer chooses to give their time to try out new content. So, plan your video ( length and create a script. Write it and rewrite it. This is where your creativity as a content creator is tested, you need to bring something new to the market. Study what all is already done and try to find gaps in content and that will be your starting point.

2) Production setup: A well-made video will surely gather more viewers. One should invest in a basic videography kit that includes a microphone, lights, a camera, a background screen and stands. While shooting makes sure you are sitting in a well-lit background with light illuminating you and a plain distraction-free background. Videos recorded in HD are shown to be preferred by YouTube’s ( algorithm. Using a stand allows a steady shot. Using a microphone gives more clear distinct sound and dialogues are more audible. If shooting outside, dub your video afterwards. This kit is a one-time investment that distinguishes you from most of the other YouTube ( content.

3) Post-production setup: Once the raw video has been recorded, view your video clips and start to put them together. If you need, you can hire a video editor to do it for you but do not leave upon this step. Your content should be concise and compelling. Trim out the excess part where there is silence or irrelevant moments as it is important to not bore the viewer who may end up leaving the video halfway. It should be a steady and climactic climb to your point. Enhance your YouTube ( video with a video thumbnail from your video that is attractive and compels to click. You can use hashtags and video tags to pull interested viewers through the search pages. You can consider investing in YouTube ( advertisements and promotions.

With these 3 steps covered, additionally one can:

1) Keep uploading videos consistently

2) Get rid of irrelevant or old content that doesn’t meet the standards

3) Use Call To Actions, like giveaways, to incentivize your viewers to like, subscribe ( and share.

4) Build curiosity and do reveal to reach subscriber ( milestones.

5) Collaborate with other YouTubers (

6) Participate and create content on current world trends.

7) Use SEO tools to enhance your search result page

Often the very basic necessary steps are overlooked and neglected. Doing these few things will already distinguish your Youtube ( channel by large and help grow your page.